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The settings and toolbars that you customize in SolidWorks are stored in the Windows registry key. SolidWorks being what it is, from time to time your registry settings will become corrupted, and the program will crash inexplicably. This means you’ll have to reset your registry, losing all of your settings in the process.… Read more...

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Customizing the sheet format for a SolidWorks drawing file is a relatively simple process, but it can be a little tricky figuring out the process of accessing the editable sheet format. Not only can you add custom sections, but you can also add any images pertaining to your product or trademark information.


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The standard mates in SolidWorks are great for fixing a part in place or simple sliding motion. If you want any sort of mechanical motion, you have to use the advanced mates or mechanical mates. The mechanical mates allow you to create the relationships listed in the picture below.


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The Delete Hole command is specific to surfaces within SolidWorks and is especially useful with surfaces that have been imported. It allows you to select a hole that lies on a surface, which doesn’t have to be round, and use the delete key to remove out the hole.


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