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Reusing sketch geometry can save you quite a bit of time in SolidWorks. Rather than creating multiple parallel sketches to produce different features, you can create a single sketch which can then be used for multiple features. This can be achieved using the contour select tool or the select contour box, in the property manager,… Read more »

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The settings and toolbars that you customize in SolidWorks are stored in the Windows registry key. SolidWorks being what it is, from time to time your registry settings will become corrupted, and the program will crash inexplicably. This means you’ll have to reset your registry, losing all of your settings in the process. It is… Read more »

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Customizing the sheet format for a SolidWorks drawing file is a relatively simple process, but it can be a little tricky figuring out the process of accessing the editable sheet format. Not only can you add custom sections, but you can also add any images pertaining to your product or trademark information. The video below… Read more »

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The standard mates in SolidWorks are great for fixing a part in place or simple sliding motion. If you want any sort of mechanical motion, you have to use the advanced mates or mechanical mates. The mechanical mates allow you to create the relationships listed in the picture below. The mechanical mates work in the… Read more »

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The surface above represents a degenerate surface, which “occurs when one or more sides of the parametric quadrilateral surface used for meshing collapse to a singularity.” Source: Ansys Workbench In SolidWorks this happens when trying to apply a boundary surface to a boundary that is not four sided. The result is that SolidWorks forces the curvature into the… Read more »

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