SOLIDWORKS Two Minute Tips: Creating a Sketch Angle Dimension Without a Reference

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I really do believe that small things add up. In our day to day use of SolidWorks, there are little nuances, in our work, that make us a bit less efficient. I know I probably sound like a broken record, as I spend so much time talking about the small things that make SolidWorks that much quicker, but I truly believe that designing great products becomes easier when we’re not constantly fighting with SolidWorks.… Read more...

SolidWorks Shortcuts:The Littler Green Check Mark

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SolidWorks has quite a few shortcuts built in, a lot of which aren’t immediately apparent. In quite a few features, if you select an entity, you’ll see a mouse icon with an image for either the right or left click, something like a green check mark, arrow, or eye glasses indicating that if you right or left click SolidWorks will perform some sort of operation.… Read more...