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I really do believe that small things add up. In our day to day use of SolidWorks, there are little nuances, in our work, that make us a bit less efficient. I know I probably sound like a broken record, as I spend so much time talking about the small things that make SolidWorks that much quicker, but I truly believe that designing great products becomes easier when we’re not constantly fighting with SolidWorks.

That may be a bit of a long winded intro, but part of my goal with SolidWize is to show, users of the program, new aspects of the program that will either make life easier or make it easier to create complex geometry. So here’s the setup. You add a floating line to a sketch, or maybe you have one line, and everything else is an arc. You need to create an angle dimension for that sketch line, so like me you create a reference line to dimension from. There’s a much easier way. I’m not sure when SolidWorks added this feature, but if you click a line and a point on the line, while in the smart dimension tool, you can create an angle dimension.

For a full tutorial, check out the video below, and don’t worry, if you’re really pressed for time, this one only requires a minute and forty one seconds of your time 😉

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4 Responses to “SOLIDWORKS Two Minute Tips: Creating a Sketch Angle Dimension Without a Reference”

  1. O Prachumsri

    Cool tip! Did not know this, will definitely de-clutter my sketches and save some time

  2. Dan

    I’ve tried this with dimensions on a drawing and had it work once, but most of the time it doesn’t. Any tricks for getting the same behavior for drawing dimensions?

    • Rohit Mitra

      Works for me without any problems in SolidWorks 2017. Could be an issue with older versions. Sometimes there are points on your model, within the drawing, that simply can’t be selected.

  3. Dan

    Clarification on my last comment. I can this technique work only for horizontal or vertical lines on a drawing file.


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