SolidWorks Quick Tip: Delete Hole

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The Delete Hole command is specific to surfaces within SolidWorks and is especially useful with surfaces that have been imported. It allows you to select a hole that lies on a surface, which doesn’t have to be round, and use the delete key to remove out the hole. It is similar to using delete and… Read more »

Combining Parts in SolidWorks

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Combining parts within SolidWorks is a fairly simple process. Two methods are to save your assembly as a part file or to use the insert part command to combine parts into one file. The first, saving an assembly as a part, replaces the parts with surfaces that represent the bodies within an assembly, eliminating any… Read more »

Getting Started with SolidWorks Surfacing

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(Source Diving into a new set of tools can be intimidating. I’ll admit when I first started working with the SolidWorks Surfacing tools, I was apprehensive, but soon found that the tools are a lot simpler than they seem. The geometry that can be created using surfacing operations tends to be both more robust… Read more »

SolidWorks Sheet Metal: Custom Form Tools

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Aside from geometry that overlaps, there are very few limitations to the form tools in SolidWorks Sheet Metal. With a few simple steps, you can create your own custom form tools and easily modify and update them. The video below, takes you through the process of making your own form tools: