Scaling a Sketch in SolidWorks

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Scaling a part in SolidWorks is pretty straight forward, using the scale feature. I even wrote a post about it here Scale a Part in SolidWorks. But what if you want to scale a sketch? That’s where the scale entities command comes in. It allows you to select out any number of sketch entities and… Read more »

Getting Started With Photoview 360

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With the right setup, you can create high quality photo realistic renderings in Photoview 360. We’ve just launched a new training section on Photoview 360 that will take beginner to expert in creating SolidWorks renderings, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding several more hours of content to the section. We’ll cover everything… Read more »

What quality should you be rendering in with Photoview 360?

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You would think that simply cranking up the render quality, in Photoview 360, would be the best option for a beautiful render. This can not only be time consuming, but unnecessary as well. Typically your SolidWorks renderings will have the best balance of quality and time of render on either the “better” or “best” setting…. Read more »